Birds In Distress


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Birds In Distress Illustration by Onaopemipo

I’m at once fascinated by nature and it’s nuances of rich colours. I’m also fascinated by the richness of the colours in birds. My love for nature is also best exemplified by the richness of the colour of birds.

This art is to celebrate my love for nature which is also an inspiration for my love for birds. In birds, I see a wonderful combination of art, colour and sweet sonorous voices. Their lightness and grace are a wonder to me always. Each and every variation and specie is an exquisite addition to nature and beauty.

Climate change has impacted largely on the bird population and this is amply depicted in this work of art which shows them within their habitat in full expression of distress and fear. As humans, we are also impacted by the effects of climate change. There is no gainsaying that humans are also in distress. The distress of birds is as a result of the constant struggle for habitat with humans and the pollution of the environment occasioned by our use of fossil fuel and noise level of the vehicles we use in cities and rural areas. Each new development means a reduction of habitat for birds and the pollution of the environment. Abnormal noise levels affect mating season as birds can no longer hear their mating calls. These among many others are the challenges birds face which brings me to tears most times.

The dark and coloured background in the artwork depicts the richness of their once rich habitat and the dangers birds face in the forest seeing that they are mostly unarmed against their largely human predators.

This artwork print is available for sale, you can make a request here if interested.


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