Don’t Fret On Another’s Testimony — A True Life Story


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“I have a testimony,” he said.

It was a Wednesday morning and we had just ended our daily devotion in the office. It was an intense and prolonged worship, singing, praying, and divulging the word. His interjection after the chorused sound of ‘Amen’ made me shrink. I was dying to put down the ideas and resolutions I had during the quiet time on my sticky notes, yeah, office policy doesn’t allow any other activity during devotion, plus, there’s so much to be done. Well, he was given the audience to share his testimony while we all listened.

Here it is in summary:

He was challenged about his prayer life on Sunday by a fellow worker in the church so he decided to be uptight about his spiritual life. In his words, “I tried to wake up by midnight the first day but I couldn’t, the same thing the next day, but I managed to sing some songs of praises. The third day which was this morning was less difficult, I woke and prayed and sang praises, and then I got a miracle this morning! I got a credit alert from my bank by an unknown person, there was no name or contact info!” We were quite happy and praised God for his merciful kindness, but there I was, staring at my computer screen and wondering if that’s how it is.

Is that how miracles work?

To an extent, I was making comparisons or what’s the word again? Jealous? Yeah, something like that, but hey! I’m as much human as much as you are, or don’t you think it’s just normal for me to feel that way?

I started reviewing my spiritual life and checking if I had missed it anywhere. Could God be partial? Nah, that’s not an option. Had I committed any sin lately for God to forget me? Err, perhaps, but God doesn’t forget His own, does He?

There I was, contemplating on the testimony and losing focus, till a colleague came back from the restroom and sat beside me, he had excused himself during prayers and only God knows what took him so long! “I’ve been having issues with my Mobile Banking App for two days now,” he said.

“You’re having issues with your banking app while someone is here receiving miracle credit alert,” I chipped in. “Who was that?” he asked, surprised at the news. I narrated the testimony to him, and to my surprise, he burst into laughter. I stared at him like I had seen a mammoth, unblinking as he narrated the other side of the story.

He had transferred the money to our colleague’s account so he can forward it to someone as payment for a service. We all laughed uncontrollably for a stretch while we recount the whole scenario, it was a testimony gone wrong. Unfortunately for him, our colleague already purchased a thousand naira airtime for data subscription from the said miracle money.

Funny as it may sound, many of us have been in my situation at one time or the other, where we think God has forgotten us or maybe we are being excluded from His miracles and blessings.

As my mum used to instruct me of news and hearsay that “Most times, these stories are either over-emphasized or toned down when they are told,” I’ve come to agree with her over time. The narrators of these miraculous stories in their quest to make the story interesting, divine, and worth hearing will add some spice and edit or delete some horrid scenes from the script.

Well, the incident further ingrained in my consciousness the lesson my mom tried to teach me as a child. I’ve resolved to rejoice with those rejoicing and earnestly expect my miracle with godly patience and not fret at another’s testimony because there’s always more or less to the story told.

You should too.


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