Leverage To Win By Dalton Beckles Book Review


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Leverage To Win is a call to action, although it wasn’t what I expected when I read the title, I was subsumed with the story of the author which leads me on to the golden principles in the book.

In the book, Dalton shared stories of his growing up, his relationship with God, his parents, friends, wife, and children, teaching how one can leverage on these relationships to win in life, career, education, and business.

The book was written specifically for men, both young and old, especially those just starting out in life. Dalton tells of the importance and impact of fathers and father figures in the life of a young man. He also enunciated the value and place of faith in achieving success.

Likewise, he highlighted the power of love; from the women in a man’s life; to and for his calling and his gifts; for God; in helping others. I particularly love his pronouncement on the need for a Man to love the women (mother and wife) in his life equally, and not placing one above the other. A man’s love has to be for his wife no matter how much he loved his mother, he shouldn’t make his wife compete with his mother for his affection.

Finally, except for the minor typos in the book that’s distracting, I find it wonderful, motivating, comprehensive, and insightful.

I recommend it.


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