Sense of Entitlement -A subtle form of evil


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“ess! Are you just going like that?” he screamed angrily after me from the bike. I looked back at him confused and irritated then walked to him to hear what he has to say. “Any problem sir,” I asked, wondering what could be the problem.

It all started some few minutes ago, we boarded the same boat and the jetty attendant merged us together because she didn’t have the equivalent of our balance and also because he promised to take a bike at the Jetty. I never knew him from Adam but he had my money with him so I was forced to follow his lead. I never had the intention of taking a bike at the jetty, I prefer to hike to the Junction, it gives me time to think and of course, save me some money.

Unfortunately for him, the riders didn’t consider his negotiation so I was stuck with him for longer than envisaged. I even changed my mind and decided to take a bike but I was met with the same fate as him. He arrogantly suggested we walk a distance further to get a bike with a better bargain and I agreed, do I even have an option?

Luckily for us, he saw a bike after about ten minutes’ walk. As before, the rider didn’t agree with his 400 naira bargain, the bike rider insisted on 500 naira. I decided to try my luck as I was already tired of keeping up with the man’s arrogance. I asked the rider how much he would take me to my Bus stop, he agreed to 100 naira then decided to drop me and the man for 500 naira since we’re heading the same route. I reluctantly agreed.

I was squeezed between him and the Bike rider, he was big and took almost all the space! Like that wasn’t enough, he started making a call and laughing lousily behind me, only God knows how soaked my hair was when he finished his call. I silently prayed that I remain whole when I’ll alight.

God be praised, I got to my Bus stop sane. I got off and walked away as quick as possible, then I heard him. “You just got down and left without saying a word!” he snarled. “What would I have said, sir? You still have my 100 naira with you, sir, I just supposed you’ll add your 400 naira and pay the bike man when you alight,” I explained to him. “I don’t think that way o,” he retorted, “You just took it as an opportunity you deserve. Which bike man will carry you for 100 naira from there?” I just stood there, astonished, I always take bike from there for 100 naira so it doesn’t look like a favour to me. More so, the bike man agreed to drop the two of us because I negotiated with him, he already resisted your 400 naira offer.

What was this man expecting from me? A song of praise for his divine kindness?

He tapped the bike and ordered that they continue with their trip while he glanced at me with contempt. As I walked home, I couldn’t help but wonder about what has just happened. How could someone be this unreasonable? 
So many people are like this man, having a despicable sense of entitlement. It boils down and permeates various aspect of human life. It presents itself in subtle forms unknown to many. One good example of people displaying an unruly sense of entitlement is people demanding why you have not posted your Monday motivation or daily nuggets like they pay you for it. Teju Baby Face in one his YouTube videos for his mentorship Academy complained about how viewers came at him because he couldn’t post a video on time because of poor internet connections asking irritable questions like ‘It’s 12 pm already why have you not posted this week’s video?’ like he’s obliged to post the videos, mind you, these life-enriching videos are uploaded free of charge!

It doesn’t stop at that, sense of entitlement can be exhibited by parents on their children; Husbands on their spouse and vice versa; Pastor on his members; Employer on his employee; Teacher on her students; celebrity and her fans, etc.

This mentality makes us believe that we deserve some things and makes us expect them from people overboard. Most of the times, our failure to get these things we think we’re entitled to make us feel contempt at the other party, some may even go the extent of malice and strife.

My Resolve? No one is entitled to anything! You don’t deserve anything you got! All came to you by grace and Providence. You don’t deserve the praise you get from fans because you are a celebrity, no you don’t, and neither do you deserve to be a mother simply because you are a woman. You don’t deserve a good husband because you’re beautiful nor do you deserve a thank you for the good that you did. So, be calm and humble, respect people’s opinion and their person.

My Beloved said something to me over chat as I write this and it’s timely, she said: “It is when one has too much expectation that he gets disappointed if those expectations are not met.” Put a stop to your sense of entitlement before it ruins you.


Think on these things.


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