Sounds of the Heart-A poetic Duet by David and Onaopemipo!


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The following poem is a result of a spontaneous poetic exchange between me and David Akinpelu, a wonderful friend. It all started when he replied my post of the muse with the caption ‘Sounds of the Heart’, with ‘Music of the soul’. So, relax, enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments section.

Sounds of the heart
Our Muse. Artist unknown


Sounds of the heart, music of the soul!

Harmonious tune it orchestrates,

When in distress it goes an octave higher,

Each chord has a vibrant output,

Whatever tune you play you dance to,

Aye! It could be the tune of woe,

It could be the sound of destruction.


Even with a dirge, a ting of melody,

With sounds of silence speaking malady,

Notes on notes in a quadruple, more like an opera’s rumple,

Aye! It could be home calling, it could be nostalgia of heaven.


It could be the fire calling, it could be the reward of your diablerie,

Trial and error is not an accessory,

The cries of anguish and pain oozing from the sacred furnace,

Aye! It could be the start of a new life in hell.


Uncertainties and doubt, with thoughts uncouth,

Will I be here or there, heaven or hell,

Character with accoutrement of hypocrisy,

All in a bid to please humanity,

Aye! It could be the way we were wired, neither to heaven or hell bound.


For ye that debunked the afterlife sermon,

What shalt bound thee? What shalt thou do? Where art thy drunk friends you cackled with?

As it is, ridiculed are your choice,

You feel on earth, you fall in the firmament,

You crumble at the presence of the angels weeping for mercy,

You bid to see the light of another chance,

You seek to be saved,

Woe! Shame! Are your cries.


Another song of sermon you say? What other song do you think the heart sing?

For everything, there’s a season, one to be born and another to die,

Hitherto the heart sings of home, the humble abode of the saints,

Hear the sounds of the heart, the music of the soul, silent but salient,

Till eternity calls, its chords resonates.


Aye! Another song of sermon said I,

The Saviour is a merciful one,

Your blemish he cleansed on the Cross of Calvary,

The sins of the world he paid for with his life,

Figuratively, he has walked through hell just to redeem souls like yours,

His gospel He bestow thee to spread like the wings hanging in the sky,

Another song of sermon you have heard, the song of redemption.




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