The Water Closet Mentality


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Yes, you read that right, the same Water Closet. You might be wondering what it means or the idea behind the philosophy, well, it came about by a personal experience which I’ll share with you in a short while.

Meanwhile, Knowledge to me is a combination of two words; Know and edge. These two are intertwined in that what you know gives you an edge, and as we all know knowledge is power, when you acquire knowledge in an area you have the power to control that area.

The only reason why you’re an expert in your field and not in the other is because you have gained enough information to control that area of specialization. If you want to be proficient in another field, you’ll need information in that area as well. This information, when acquired, gives you an edge over others.

Therefore, if Knowledge means having an edge over others because of what you know, I think we should strive to know.

How do we know? I believe we learn either by practice, reading, coaching, hearing or by direct experience. The later was how I came about the Water Closet mentality. Here’s the story I promised to share:

It was a peaceful evening with cool breeze whistling sweet melodies, I was in church for our monthly vigil. I went directly from work so I was very much early for service.

After reading some pages from my current book; The Spirit of Leadership by Late Dr. Myles Munroe I fell asleep only to be awakened by a sharp pain in my spine and lower abdomen. This signifies a horrendous bowel movement (I had beans and fried potatoes earlier that day).

As expected, I hurried for the toilet to empty my bowels.


The first 60 seconds was terrifying! It was a non-stop orchestrated sound of war chants and splatter followed by a heavy sigh of relief (I bet you can relate). You’d think it was the call to action for the Biafra soldiers if you were by the door or in the next toilet cell.

Then came the nauseating aroma receding such orchestration, I was almost choking and I couldn’t cry for help from the reward of my efforts. All I could do was to endure my crucible.

Do you know how after the first stanza of the hymn you have refrain before you take the next? That was exactly what happened!

After the first phase of continuous sounds, splatter and terrible odour, I was stopped in my reverie by a startling thought, it was like an apple fell on my head.

This was the thought; if I’m feeling this way, how would the toilet bowl who is the recipient of the substance itself feel?

The realization was startling.

I felt bad and sorry for the toilet bowl. Like the wise king Solomon would say, I considered and applied my heart to knowledge. This object, as lifeless as it was came to my rescue in time of dire need. Yet, I relieved myself with it in an uncultured mannered.

Most people would even leave it without flushing. Little wonder why you’ll always see a notice behind the doors and entrance to a toilet, be it public or private asking if you have flushed the toilet. This is something that we shouldn’t be reminded of.

Although, it’s heartbreaking yet we see people who use others like the toilet. The same people who came to their aid in time of need are being left uncared for. Some are friends, some colleagues, and some are acquaintances, even their parents.

They forget all that has been done to help them and mortify the sacrifices and commitment of men that made them what they have become. They destroy the same ladder that took them to the top.

Likewise, they forget the fact that the same people they meet while going up is the same they’ll meet when they’re coming down.

I’m not cursing anyone now, but he that is down needs no fall. It is he that is up that should be careful not to fall.

Are you enslaved by this philosophy? My advice to you is to repent (I’m not meaning to sound like an evangelist but that’s the right word I guess). Cultivate the habit of adding value to relationships and conversation with loved ones. Also, learn to nurture healthy relationships with acquaintances.

Not forgetting that the only thing that counts after all your toil is the value of your relationships.

Stop doing things for show off and because of a seeming reward. You should do things for love and because you want to be a good person. Don’t take little sacrificial efforts for granted, a little thank you means a lot.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do share your thoughts with me.


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  • Melissa
    May 7, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    I try to be good to everyone I meet and treat people with respect, irrespective of how they treat me. Thanks for the reminder to continue on the right path.

    • Onaopemipo
      May 7, 2019 at 3:34 pm

      You’re welcome, Melissa! Thanks too.

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